Area rugs can scratch if there’s a non-existent or poor-quality pad used. Otherwise, pads hold rugs in place, making for smooth vacuuming, reducing wear and tear, and protecting hardwood flooring.

Essential accessories

Without a pad, the rug lies on the surface, without any protection from foot traffic. This destroys the backing, frays fibers, shortens the rug's lifespan, and scratches the floor.

Some rug pads prevent area rugs from slipping and bunching, while others provide cushioning for extra comfort. Some pads do it all!

What kind of rug pad is best?

Consider fiber, floor type, and size options when shopping for a rug pad. The “Rugs for Sale” area professionals will guide you to the right one.

Why do you want area rugs?

1.They accent and highlight. For example, hardwood floors are known for beautiful undertones.
Select a rug with hues that bring out these secondary colors.

2.Rugs save you money. If you have a worn rug that's too expensive to replace, we'll cut, customize, and bind it into an area rug.
That's the same with a family heirloom you don't have the heart to get rid of. Turning them into "scatter rugs' will always be a part of your home.

3. Living room rugs, especially, have a grounding effect. Anchor the legs of major furniture with the little rugs; they’ll no longer look like they’re floating.

4.Area rugs prevent waste. Did you notice there's a leftover carpet with a new installation? Please don't throw out the pieces; recycle them into area rugs.

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Area rugs are one of the hottest current trends these days. They come in all fibers and shapes and can significantly impact a room. Family-owned-and-operated Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets will show you how they add color, warmth, and texture.

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