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Creating Drama with Flooring Undertones in Santa Ana

Color will be one of the most important aspects of your room design, so pay close attention to hues, undertones and saturations.?Many designers say ?Design from the floor up!? You may want to install flooring first, then coordinate it with walls, upholstery and even some of those beautiful Santa Ana views.

Sharon & Sons, with a wide inventory of flooring, offers one-stop-shopping with cabinets, countertops and window treatments. This company offers the perfect design solution.

Here are some of their ideas:

Create Balance with Hardwood Flooring in Your Santa Ana Home

First, if you?re planning to remodel, invest in a small, cheap color wheel. They are under $20 and, believe us, this will become your best friend.?The general rule is to mix and match warmer and cooler tones. Warm tones are typically the reds, oranges, browns, yellows. They evoke thoughts of heat and sunshine, as well as playfulness. They are energetic.

Cool colors, blues, greens, grays and light purples, are serene and calming.

Here?s where it can get confusing. Depending upon saturation and shade, some colors, such as gray and green, can be either cool or warm. Grey can have a pinkish tinge, while green can have a little yellow, and that warms them both up.

4 Ways to Wow?

1.Be bold! These are the colors that are rich and very vibrant. For instance, if you?ve chosen a bold dark flooring, Santa Ana, you may also consider some red upholstery or accessories.

2.Use contrasting warm and cool shades. Example-if your flooring has red undertones (warm), consider pairing it with sage green walls (cool). Orange undertones (warm) can be paired with grayish blue walls (cool).

3.Focus on the light and dark. Consider also color saturation or intensity. If your floors are light, choose a color with a different saturation on the color wheel. For example, light oak floors with a deep color for the walls like rust or eggplant. Exactly opposite-If your floors are dark, you might consider a light peach.

4.Create an accent wall: This is just a wall that gets ?special treatment,? by being painted a different color than the other walls in the room. It usually works best if you already have an architectural feature, like a fireplace.

Come into the Sharon & Sons Santa Ana showroom to learn more. We can?t wait to suggest some ways to add the ?za za zoom? to your home!