It's no secret that you love hardwood flooring, Santa Ana. Whether you enjoy its durability and long life, the elegant, timeless charm it adds to any space, or the ease with which it is maintained, the one thing you probably aren't a big fan of is spills and messes.

Hardwood flooring in Santa Ana homes is a little touchy when it comes to moisture and abrasion. You have to be careful about how you clean up certain spills, and you need to avoid certain cleaning methods that might damage or shorten the life of your hardwood.

So, Sharon and Sons thought it might be helpful to our customers if we put together a quick guide to the 3 most common messes your floor is likely to experience, and the best ways to safely clean them up.

1. How to Deal With Liquid Spills

Standing water and moisture are two of the biggest factors that can damage the flooring in your Santa Ana home. It's important that any wet spills be cleaned up as quickly as possible, to avoid damaging your hardwood.

As soon as a liquid spill occurs, you're going to want to soak it up with a dry, non-abrasive towel to keep it from seeping between your planks. If any area rugs were affected by the spill, remove them immediately to avoid having standing water on your floors.

2. Coping With Dry Spills

Luckily, dry spills aren't that big of a deal to clean up from the hardwood floors in your Santa Ana home. A simple pass or two with a broom or vacuum, and you're pretty much good to go. Sometimes certain dry spills will cling to the floor a little more than a vacuum or broom can handle. When this happens, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining residue. If you don't have a microfiber cloth on hand, use a very lightly dampened paper towel, or non-abrasive towel, to wipe it away.

3. Dealing With Pet Messes

We all love our fuzzy friends, but sometimes they test that love to the fullest. This is especially true when they soil our floors.

In the case of liquid pet messes, act as you would for any other liquid spill. As always, act quickly to ensure that the moisture has as little time as possible to seep into the flooring. In the case of more substantial pet messes, simply remove the offending material, wipe with a non-abrasive towel or paper towel, lightly apply a liquid disinfectant, and pat dry.

In the event of staining or discoloration, apply a bit of mineral spirits to restore the wood to its former glory.

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