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What Flooring Installation Should You Choose for Your Renovation?

So, you?re finally redoing your living room or updating your kitchen, and you couldn?t be happier! But between the color of the walls, light fixtures, and d?cor, have you thought about the flooring in your Santa Ana home? It?s a major consideration, so don?t leave this detail until the very last minute, you?ll undoubtedly regret it! But while you?re mulling your decisions, you?re also likely wondering what kind of flooring would be most ideal in your Santa Ana residence. Not to worry, Sharon & Sons have you covered! Our Santa Ana showroom experts have come up with this quick, concise guide on the most popular options for your renovation.
If you?re looking for something classy, a surfacing material that?ll certainly last for generations, then look no further than solid hardwood. While many homeowners love this wood alternative so much that they have it installed throughout their homes, you don?t need to go all out and simply limit this type of surfacing to one area. Typically, hardwood slats are very popular in living rooms and hallways, large surface areas that can show off a real showstopper like hardwood planks.
Is there anything that?s softer, cozier, more welcoming than carpeting? Many people love the idea of carpeting throughout their residences, save for the kitchen, because it?s not only a gorgeous material to have underfoot, but it?s also a great option that?s energy efficient, well-known for reducing noise, and an excellent way to limit slips and trips for older adults and younger kids. If you don?t want it everywhere, consider installing carpeting in your bedroom or living room for a genuinely tranquil feel.
When you need something durable and water resistant in humid or water prone places, like the kitchen or bathroom, then you need a waterproof option. Available in a wide range of tiles, slats, and planks, a waterproof alternative is manufactured in a great many styles and looks, so you?ll definitely have a wide array of color, pattern, grain, and design choices at your fingertips.
Be it ceramic or porcelain, here?s another waterproof pick that?s been around for a long time, centuries in fact! The wonderful thing about tile is, you can use varying sizes to make one of a kind, jaw-dropping mosaic designs that will make any space in your home look positively fantastic. As a flooring choice in Santa Ana, it?s indeed a favored one.