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Find a wealth of designer cabinets at Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets


At Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets, we understand that your home, new or old, deserves the best cabinets you can get.

Cabinets, whether for the kitchen, bath, or any other space, provide useful storage areas, but also provide a sense of décor that is uniquely yours. For this reason, we carry a fantastic line of cabinets from some of the most respected cabinetmakers in the world for our customers.

Why buy quality cabinets?

We carry three of the best lines of cabinets to be found in the entire Orange County area. You can select from:
Cabinetry by Decora in Santa Ana CA from Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets
Decora Cabinetry offers some of the most amazing wood cabinets on the market today. Find cabinets in alder, hickory, maple, oak, and many more species of wood. They offer full or partial overlay, as well as inset models.

Cabinetry by Diamond in Huntington Beach CA from Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets
Diamond Cabinets are very popular for those looking for new kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They offer unique designer-inspired finishes, matched with modern design innovation, all constructed with superior durability in mind.

Cabinetry by Decora in Santa Ana CA from Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets

Professional cabinet installation in Fountain Valley CA by Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets

Professional cabinet installation

It cannot be said enough that professional installation of your new cabinets is crucial for satisfactory results. Our customers want and deserve the very best service when it comes to cabinet installation, and this is why we only contract with cabinet installers who are experienced, trained, and skilled at what they do. Poorly installed cabinets will cause problems, either right away or later on. With professional installations, your cabinets will serve you for years to come.

If you are in the market for new cabinets, come by Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinets to see our fine line of designer cabinets. We can assist you will any questions you may have and can answer any installation questions or concerns you may have about buying new cabinets.