The most important decisions in choosing carpet

Fiber is the material used in a rug's construction, and the pile refers to how the yarn's loops are attached to a backing. They both determine the appearance, comfort and performance, and longevity, so be sure your choice is aligned with your needs. There are so many styles, designs, and colors we know how easy it is to get distracted, but always stay focused on your particular requirements when you come into our carpet store in Santa Ana, CA.

Fiber: natural or synthetic?

Both are good choices, and it will ultimately come down to how much you value specific characteristics. Natural fibers, such as wool, silk, sisal, choir, and jute, are harvested from nature and then processed into fibers. Wool is the most common yarn; it's soft, strong, resistant to stains and fire, and has excellent insulating abilities. Synthetics can also be soft, and many find them to be the more practical choice, especially for large families with kids because they tend to be more stain-resistant and less expensive. Nylon is the most common, making up over 50% of rugs, and is very strong and has excellent resiliency and stain resistance. Polyester is 2nd in popularity; because it is hydrophobic. It has inherent and superior stain resistance. Olefin (polypropylene) is often associated with Berber-styles and commercial-grade rugs. It is stain-resistant, strong, and budget-friendly. Triexta is relatively new to the market and already has gained a reputation for phenomenal strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. It Triexta is often used in more pet-friendly rugs.

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A carpet’s pile: Your next big decision

All rugs start with looped fibers, which is a style in itself, as in Berber rugs. When the loops are cut, it becomes a cut pile, such as the Saxony. Cut pile is moderately high, with even fibers that stand up and have exposed ends. Cut piles, however, can be of varying heights, such as the long, loose fibers of the shag or the longer ones of the frieze that are so tightly twisted they curl. Low pile rugs, seen in commercial-grade carpets, are easier to clean and somewhat more durable. There's also a style known as the cut and loop, precisely as it sounds and creates pattern and texture.

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