The best textures for area rugs

The best textures for area rugs

The answer to this question depends solely on your style, needs, decor, etc. Textured carpets are big this year; you can find anything from looped, plush, cable, trellis, or more.

Area rugs
are just little carpets. The only difference between them and wall-to-wall is the size.

Also sometimes referred to as scatter rugs, they come in various fibers, colors, and designs. They also have the same advantages, such as comfort and noise reduction.

Standard vs. custom rugs

Standard is just that. You are limited in colors, shapes, sizes, etc. You may want something unique, or maybe you can?t find your desired texture anywhere.

And, remember, rooms aren't perfect squares. They can be oddly shaped, with door sills, baseboards, and bay windows with which to contend.

Our custom area rug service is your personal "rugs for sale" department.

We're just waiting to accommodate you. Take your vision to us, and we'll take it from there.

About looped area rug pile

These are often handwoven using a hooked technique. It's common to see these durable and unique area rugs in the wool fiber.

High, low, and medium piles

  1. Shag is a high pile with long, loose fibers. They're soft, luxurious, and fun but can be high maintenance.?

They are best in low-traffic rooms, such as bedrooms.?

  1. Frieze: Longish fibers are twisted so tightly that the fibers curl. Frieze is durable and makes excellent living room rugs.?
  2. Saxony. This comes in both a textured or plush texture.?
  3. Plush textures have short, densely packed fibers that go in one direction. Because of this, they show footsteps and other marks.?

Depending on your room use and lifestyle, the plush texture may be best for the bedroom.?

  1. Low pile rugs. These are durable and the easiest to keep clean.

The cut & loop

This is just as it sounds. Fibers have various lengths, so your rug can have fun designs like diamonds, pin dots, or geometrics.

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