We get a lot of questions from customers here in our Santa Ana flooring store about how to choose flooring to achieve specific styles of decor. Most frequently, people want advice about how to select flooring that helps create an atmosphere that embodies one of three styles: Rustic, modern chic, and coastal/beach house.

When it comes to these three styles, flooring is incredibly important. It is the most continuous design element in a home, and thus is an integral part of how the eye interacts with the decor of your Santa Ana Home. Flooring, being as important as it is, is one of the first things you should consider when aiming for one of these specific styles. Here's what you need to know to get the best results when choosing floors for a specific style:

Rustic Charm Made Easy

Nothing drives home the rustic charm of a Santa Ana home's decor like flooring that looks hand-made. The best way to go here is choosing wider planked, hand-scraped hardwood, wood-look laminate, or engineered hardwood flooring. The wide planks allow the grain and hand-scraping to really shine, and lend an air of bespoke country charm to any room. With the addition of a few more "country" design elements, such as dried flowers, equally rustic rafters, and natural fabrics, you can easily achieve the look of a rustic cottage, or intimate cabin in the woods in your home.

Effortlessly Modern

If rustic charm isn't your thing and you'd prefer to choose flooring for your Santa Ana home that brings out your modern aesthetic, less is definitely more. Minimalist design and color schemes that are accented by the odd splash of vibrant color here and there to lead the eye from one design element to the next, are the perfect way to capture the spirit of modern decor.

You will want to choose a floor that is dark gray or even black, and choose furniture with fabrics that are equally neutral. Then select accents like throw pillows or wall art that pops with vibrant color, to draw the eye from one area to the next to create a sleek, modern look that's ahead of its time.

Make Every Day a Day at the Beach

If you would like something that is less rustic, but still open and modern, a coastal beach house design might be more up your alley. If you would like you're Santa Ana home to feel like a bright, breezy day at the beach, flooring that is lighter in color and that utilizes long, thin planks is the way to go.

Washed out, drift wood-style gray wood flooring, blonde wood or white planks will add that open, bright atmosphere that is the hallmark of a lovely beach house. With a few coastal-style found objects such as nets, glass bobbers, or seashells, you can really lay on the beachy atmosphere pretty thick without spending too much money.

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