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Changing The Color Of A Hardwood Flooring Installation

Are you tired of the same-old color of your hardwood? Well, many homeowners don't realize they can change the color of their wood, making your surfacing material a truly versatile style option. From pale cream to ebony black, there's a wide assortment of shades and tones available. So, really, there's no need to feel so limited by your flooring. Santa Ana residents, Sharon & Sons are here to help you understand the process of changing the color of the surfacing in your bedroom, dining room or foyer, providing you with phenomenal advice straight from our showroom experts. Not sure what the whole process entails? Then, you'll want to read on!

Step #1: Sanding
Firstly, when it comes to redoing your flooring, Santa Ana homeowners will need to hire a professional refinishing team. Not only do these teams have the right tools and machinery for the job, but they also have a lot of experience with this difficult renovation. For a smooth surfacing, a sanding machine is required. Typically, three sandings provide the best base for a hardwood revarnish.

Step #2: Staining
Assuming you've decided against an all-natural look for your flooring, Santa Ana homeowners would then see the new stain applied to their sanded surfacing material. Whether you select a rich mahogany or a golden maple, your stain will now be applied by the crew. Depending on the shade, it may take as few as two coats or as many as five to see the exact shade that you've selected.

Step #3: Polyurethane
At this point, after sufficient drying time, a polyurethane coat will be added on top of the stain. Normally, each coat of polyurethane requires 24 hours to dry. Once a layer is dry, the hardwood is buffed to increase absorption and polish the surfacing. Doing this also helps this essential layer last a lot longer. When choosing polyurethane, you'll be asked what type of sheen you'd like for your flooring. Santa Ana residents have many different options, and you can select from glossy, satin, semi-gloss or matte, depending on your preference. The truth is, there's no shortage of color and sheen options!