Choose area rugs for noise reduction

Choose area rugs for noise reduction

Area rugs are just small carpets. They're smaller than the room's dimensions, and whereas wall-to-wall carpeting is affixed to the floor, an area rug is portable.

Also, area rugs can be easily picked up and moved for a new look.

Just like carpeting, they insulate against noise

Our rugs for sale have the same benefits as any broadloom. However, a significant advantage is that they cushion noise.

Have you ever noticed that a room with all hard surfaces tends to be noisy? That's because there's no fabric to absorb echoes.

Area rugs absorb noise, so we don't hear footsteps beeping of devices or muffled conversations?so when you see a "rugs for sale" sign, consider it.

That?s especially great if you have young children or shift workers who sleep at odd hours.??

Comfort?another benefit

Any carpet is more comfortable to stand on and absorbs some of the impacts of footsteps, taking some pressure off your body.

Area rugs also define a space

With today?s open floor plans, it?s not unusual to find living and dining spaces in one big room.??

Coordinating area rugs can separate and define the space.

The grounding experience

Sometimes, the furniture appears to float when the floor is a hard surface. Living room rugs anchor the furniture and give a sense of grounding.

The area rug should be placed under significant furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables. And they can be placed under the two front legs if that isn't possible.

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We offer custom area rugs at the family-owned Sharon and Sons Flooring & Cabinet. Why custom? Because rooms aren't perfect squares, there are door sills, bay windows, and molding with which to contend. You're also in total control, choosing the exact color and texture.

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