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Choose hypoallergenic area rugs

You might have known that carpeting can be hypoallergenic, but did you know area rugs can be hypoallergenic too? The fibers that work well as wall-to-wall carpeting can work in these rugs, with results that are just as beneficial.

If you've never experienced these products, now is a great time to learn more about them. As you get ready to remodel your home, consider these facts.

Choosing a rug for better air quality

Hypoallergenic fibers create a more breathable air quality because they trap and hold debris, allergens, and dander. Instead of releasing them back into the air, they are held until you vacuum your living room rugs or steam clean them, so you worry much less about potential allergy flare-ups.

The good news is that these benefits work as well in rug format as in wall-to-wall design, and you can use them in any room. They're perfect for large sections that need a focal point or small spaces, like hallways, that need added protection.

Choosing area rugs for protection

Even when you use area rugs in high-traffic spaces to prevent wear, their hypoallergenic features still shine. In living rooms, children's rooms, and foyers, area rugs trap allergens on shoes and paws and keep them from causing problems.

If you?re using these rugs underneath heavy furniture, they'll trap the allergens left where brooms can't reach them. But, again, you'll learn more about them when you visit us.

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