Comparing luxury vinyl plank & luxury vinyl tile

Comparing luxury vinyl plank & luxury vinyl tile

If you want the look of wood, choose vinyl plank flooring (LVP), but if you are looking for echo stone or tile, choose LVT flooring. Both forms of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) have the same characteristics: high-end style, durability, waterproof capabilities, and simple installation. The difference is in appearance only.

About LVP flooring

As in all LVF, whether plank or tile, the images are true-to-life and taken with digital photography with micro beveling and embossing to add depth and design. With LVP, you'll see knots, swirls, raised grains available in countless colors, species, and textures, all at a fraction of the cost of genuine wood.? Wood floors are trending, but timber can be damaged by excess moisture, so it's not recommended for installation in baths or other high moisture areas. If you want the look of wood in that room or any wet place, now's your chance.

LVP is waterproof from bottom to top, meaning that it can be submerged or spilled on. Wipe it dry, and it will be fine. It's also durable, with a top clear melamine coating that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. The fact that it's so tough makes it ideal for homes with kids and pets.? It is easy to take care of with daily sweeping and periodic mopping and can be installed as a floating floor where pieces click, mat, then hover over the subfloor without nails or glue.

About LVT flooring

Like vinyl plank, the pieces are semi-rigid, waterproof, durable, and low maintenance. You can get stone looks such as marble, granite, slate, quartz, travertine, terrazzo, or limestone, or, if you prefer a tile look, you can get chevron, herringbone, encaustic-styles, and filigree patterns, among others.? Some of the pieces are groutable, which now comes in assorted colors and is also considered a design tool. LVT, too, can be installed as a floating floor.

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the top five choices when it comes to fashionable waterproofing! To learn more and get a free luxury vinyl flooring quote, go into the Sharon and Son's Flooring and Cabinets showroom in Santa Ana, CA., serving Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Fountain Valley.