waterproof flooring

Considering waterproof flooring for your Santa Ana home?

The pros at Sharon and Sons hear this flooring question a lot: ?But the humidity is low, especially when those hot, dry Santa Ana winds kick up, so why do I need waterproof floors??

We have a few answers to that question:

?First, this floor doesn?t just protect against just water, but also any liquid.

Moreover, the very same coating that makes the flooring waterproof also makes it scratch resistant.

If you have kids, pets or even elderly residents in your home, you?re bound to experience some of these things. No worries about spills and accidents, because they just sit on the surface until they?re wiped up, and don?t worry about those scuff marks either; this is one tough material.

?Any room, and it doesn?t have to be just the bathroom (although that area can get pretty steamy and humid) can be prone to leaks and water splashes.

It?s also easy to track moisture in on your shoes; Orange County has a pretty outdoorsy lifestyle, with a lot of beaches that create wet, moist soil. Call this flooring the Santa Ana superhero; it puts up such a strong struggle that it actually will prevent any moisture accumulation, and that can lead to mold and mildew growth.

?Health. Mold and mildew start growing in just 12 hours, so never let dampness build up. Mold and mildew are considered dangerous to wellness, what with all the coughing, sneezing and runny eyes. It?s even worse if you?re an allergy and asthma sufferer, so do your well-being a favor and install this material.

?Style. It?s often said that flooring is the greatest expression of personal style, and we know how fashion-conscious OC residents, specifically those in Santa Ana, are, so you?ll never get tired of seeing our large product offerings.

You can get flooring to mimic tile, complete with all the brilliant colors, patterns and designs, or wood, with a large assortment of species, or even stone. Whether your home is traditional, casual-contemporary or retro, there?s an aesthetic for you, with all of the function, always.

Feel free to come into the Sharon and Sons showroom in Santa Ana, CA, and let our pros tell you about waterproof flooring.