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Edgy Flooring in Santa Ana for Your Modern Home

While many people may not consider their flooring installation during a home makeover with the purpose of updating to a modern look, the truth is, your choice of surfacing speaks volumes. In the quest for a contemporary design, consider coming into our Sharon & Sons showroom in Santa Ana. On-site at all times, we have friendly professionals who know the ins and outs of quality materials such as hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, and carpeting. Not sure how to redo your living room? All out of ideas for your bedroom? For the most knowledgeable assistance, and best flooring in Santa Ana, come check us out! In the meantime, you may want to ponder some of these excellent ideas for your modern home:

White Carpet

One of your options for a contemporary appearance is white carpeting. Yes, that's right, we said white! Certainly, the image might terrify you, especially if you have children or pets, With the latest technological advancements in the industry, there's nothing to fear. New and improved chemical treatments not only guarantee your soft surfacing remains pristine and easy to clean, it also allows for a completely safe material for your home. Go on, add some serious style with an all-white wall-to-wall creation.

Ebony Hardwood

Darker shades of wood produce a stunning, truly one-of-a-kind appearance. Modernize your residence with deep, ebony tones, be it in a glossy or a matte finish. No matter the type of wood species, you can't go wrong with this classy-yet-contemporary approach that will propel your home space to magazine cover proportions.

Iridescent Tile

Nowadays, there's a resurgence of tile in a wide variety of proportions. While colorful, bold mosaics add exotic charm, iridescent tile, on the other hand, creates a fresh, vibrant look that is haute design at its best. With this type of tile, you can essentially add it to any room, in a varying spectrum of design ideas. Add a wall of tiny tiles to your bathroom to enliven and brighten the room, or install some larger pieces as a backsplash in your kitchen, for a healthy dose of sparkle!

Gray Luxury Vinyl

No, gray is not drab or boring. Instead, it's the latest much-have color, according to a lot of interior designers. In their opinion, gray luxury vinyl seamlessly blends into any environment, though it certainly does not fade into the background. Rather, it offers a cool neutral tone that creates the perfect canvas for any modern home.