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Five ways flooring can up-level your Santa Ana home

The right flooring can really give your Santa Ana home that ?Wow!? factor.

Many designers say it expresses your own personal style. It?s also one of the biggest investments you?ll ever make in your home, so you want it to be your house?s crowning glory.

At Sharon & Sons, we hear a lot of comments and questions, so here are 5 things you can do right now to be sure to get a first-rate flooring installation.

1.Whatever you choose, be sure it?s in line with your lifestyle. Ask yourself a lot of questions, such as whether you have kids; senior residents (who might use walkers or wheelchairs); pets and more. Do you entertain frequently? Is the room in which you plan to install prone to leaks or floods, it doesn?t matter if you?re in a low-humidity area like Santa Ana, because you still might need waterproof flooring.

Most important, what is your budget; not just for the initial purchase price, but also services such as installation and upkeep. If you shortchange yourself on budget, you?ll end up cutting corners on important and necessary services.

2.Hire the right person to install. It is preferable to go with a local flooring expert, in this case from Santa Ana, as opposed to a general contractor that you may have found in the phone book. First, the floor knowledge is very focused on a particular area and product, not just on general building. For example, if you?re installing tile, you want someone who?s familiar with tile floor installation.

Second, the reason it should be local, is because the pro will know things like weather conditions that could affect it, and, hence, advise you how to avoid problems.

3.Think about overall design. What is your style? Is your home coordinated? Did you consider transitions from one room to the next? No, not every room has to be the same, of course, but you do need to be sure there?s some cohesiveness, or it?ll just look like everything was thrown together.

4.Follow trends, not fads. A trend is a classic that has been updated; a lot of research has gone into it, and it?ll probably be around for a long time, such as the popularity of light gray or white hardwood floors, or the vibrant carpet color palettes. A fad is just a knee-jerk reaction of someone?s ?bright idea? (like the pet rock) that won?t be around for very long.

5.Be willing to look at alternatives. These days, modern technology and high definition photography has created some amazingly realistic looks of wood, tile and stone, so don?t automatically deprive yourself of something just because you think it?s out of your price range. Consider more budget-friendly alternatives, like wood-look laminate, or luxury vinyl in tile or plank form.

For more ideas, feel free to come into the Sharon & Sons showroom in Santa Ana, CA.