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Hardwood flooring and moisture: Three FAQs

Everyone knows that hardwood flooring and moisture don't mix. As a result, it can cause your floors to take on damage that might not be repairable, meaning a costly flooring replacement.

That's why it's crucial to understand some essential points before considering these floors for your home. So, here are three questions, along with their answers, that could help you choose the perfect flooring.

1. Can I do anything to prepare my wood flooring?

Before installation, these materials should be acclimated to ensure the wood's humidity level is the same as the installation space. Acclimation is a great way to protect your wood floors against splitting, warping, or buckling.

Acclimation can take one to three days for the best results, depending on the humidity in the home and weather conditions. We'll give you all the details when you choose a specific flooring.

2. What if it?s humid?

Humidity often changes, and our installation process protects your floors from possible problems with that. In addition, we leave an expansion gap around the perimeter, so slight expansion and contraction will not be an issue.

3. How do I take care of hardwood floors?

Be sure to choose a great sealant and finish for your hardwood flooring. And if you have areas where spills or dampness could be an issue, consider using runners and area rugs for your protection.

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