Hardwood flooring: Four tips for an extended lifespan

Hardwood flooring: Four tips for an extended lifespan

Choosing hardwood flooring?is a great way to find the visuals, performance, and lifespan you want and need from a product that raises your home's value. But many homeowners focus on the longest possible lifespan, so they never have to install floors again.

The good news is that we can help you choose options that will give your hardwood floors a long and beautiful lifespan. Here are four tips on getting the most from your hardwood.

1.? ? ? Choose a suitable species. Some species are harder than others and offer more protection against daily wear. That means wood floors are harder to scratch, dent, and mar, giving you a longer-lasting floor covering.

2.? ? ? Add a finish that matches your need. A textured finish can help hide light scratching and scuffing, leading to a longer lifespan and less refinishing. Hand-scraped and distressed are excellent choices.

3.? ? ? Use area rugs if necessary. If you have areas with far more traffic and activity than others, area rugs and runners can keep wearing to a minimum. Ask about rugs with built-in stain and odor protection for added value.

4.? ? ? Always choose a professional installation. Professional hardwood flooring installation ensures that your floors won?t fail prematurely. It costs a bit more upfront, but it?s worth it over time.

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