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Hardwood flooring in the year 2022: What to expect

Everyone loves?hardwood flooring, and 2022 will be no exception with exciting updates. Here's more of what to expect.

European white oak

While some woods, like oak, will always be popular but its "cousin," European white oak, is now making a splash, and that's expected to last about 20 years. European white oak has cooler undertones, simple lines, and tight grain with its modern look.

Light colors: Expected to change the face of interior design?

Blond, honey, whitewashed, gray, and greige floors make any room look bright and airy, and they work with almost any decor, from contemporary to rustic. While the trend this year is toward the cooler shades, honey/copper floorboards are light but still have those rich, warm undertones.

Darkest of dark colors

However, that's not to say that dark colors are passe, but the trend is toward the darkest of dark colors, such as ebony.

Textures add the finishing touch

Textures add character while still providing a finished look to your wood floors, and wildly trending are hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, and reclaimed. But, of course, let's also not forget finishes, such as smoked, which gives a vintage look, or satin or matte.

Engineered wood keeps getting more popular

This hardwood version looks solid on the surface, with the same natural beauty, textures, knots, swirls, and undertones, but the construction is different. This results in more stability and a better ability to handle water.??

Engineered wood is taking a significant share of the hardwood flooring industry, and it's expected to keep increasing in popularity over the years.

Distinctive layouts

These include herringbone, chevron, parquet, and random width plank arrangements.

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