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How are area rugs made?

Area rugs are outstanding options for every room of your home for many reasons. If you're unsure about the benefits waiting for you, take the time to learn more about them.

Choosing a rug is easier than you think, with many options available. But sometimes, finding out how the pieces are made is the best starting place.

The making of an area rug

There are a few ways to create an area rug, with handmade pieces still popular. Master weavers incorporate techniques that have been around for centuries.

But there are other techniques, especially for living room rugs, including machine making. These pieces are easier to create quickly and save money once finished.

Still another way to create these pieces is to use a remnant of carpeting and bind the edges for a finished look.

What are area rugs suitable for?

A well-placed area rug can work wonders for your decor. Choose from different colors, fibers, textures, and bindings for an outstanding result.

The rugs are also perfect for catching loose dander and dirt, especially in busy spaces. Then you can clean the piece as necessary, bringing your area rugs back to a like-new appearance.

You'll appreciate how area rugs work if you have heavy furniture pieces. They distribute the weight to keep your floors from crushing or denting beneath the load.

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