Is a transition needed between carpet and hardwood flooring?

Is a transition needed between carpet and hardwood flooring?

As you choose the perfect hardwood flooring for your home, you may wonder if you need a transition between the new surfaces and your carpet flooring. A transition strip is a piece of material that covers the edge of two different parts of the flooring and the gap where the two connect, and here's what to know about them.

Transitions are necessary

Transitions are necessary for several reasons, including their ability to prevent tripping hazards and protect the floor from damage. But there are various transitions, and choosing the right one is essential.

There is usually some height difference between wood floors and carpet, necessitating a transition. The direction of the flooring, the room's style, and the type of subfloor you have in place are also determining factors in this product choice.

For height differences, especially of more than ? inch, a transition helps level the space where the two flooring types meet. Transition types that might be considered include T-moldings, reducers, or end caps, and we?ll tell you everything you need to know about each one.

Choose a transition that fits your room's style to match your d?cor. There are various transitions for hardwood flooring in Santa Ana, CA, including patterns, colors, and styles to choose from, and we can help.

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