white tile flooring

Pristine White for an Ultra Modern Style

While many homeowners are afraid to go ultra white because of maintenance issues, it's actually easier than ever to take on this ultra-modern style. Now, with the latest advances in the industry, there are several fantastic options to choose from when considering a flooring installation. From tile to wood to carpet, check out what our Sharon & Sons showroom experts in Santa Ana have to say about this hot, new look. You never know, it may just inspire you for your next redesign!

White Carpet

Although you may think this is a scary suggestion, especially if you have kids or pets in the house, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that carpeting has come such a long way over the decades. First of all, soft fibers now come with various chemical treatments, guaranteed to keep them from getting stained or ruined. Honestly, when coupled with fibers that are easy to clean, white carpets are truly simpler to maintain. So, if you've ever dreamed of owning wall-to-wall in white, reminiscent of minimalist luxury, then you'll want to look further into this viable option. Muddy pets? Goopy kids? No problem!

White Porcelain or Ceramic?

Typically, when you think of ceramic or porcelain tiles, you may envision endless stretches of colorful mosaic designs. And of course, this is a truly stunning look, no matter the primary style of your home. However, if you're going for ultra-sleek, ultra-modern, then too many colors won't work for this look. Having said that, when was the last time you considered an all-white porcelain mosaic for your home? Perhaps, this sounds like way too much white flooring in Santa Ana, but once you feast your eyes on what designers do nowadays with this design, you'll be positively awestruck.

White Wood

Lastly, if you're in search of classic flooring in Santa Ana, then you've come to the end of your quest with white wood. With this option, there's a ton of shades, varnishes, finishes, and wood species to pick, you may, in fact, be downright overwhelmed with the design possibilities! The great thing about this approach to the ultra-modern look is, it blends in really well in both older homes and more contemporary residences. Popular at the moment is white oak, a lovely shade that's incredibly versatile, and is well-known to lighten up even the darkest interior.