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Sharon & Sons Frequently Asked Questions About Flooring in Santa Ana

The flooring industry is a pretty specialized field. So, it's really no surprise that those who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the field, have a lot of questions when they finally have to dip their toes into the water.

Sharon & Sons has been in the flooring business for over 27 years, and we've heard all of the questions a customer is likely to have. Therefore, we've decided to put that knowledge to good use by throwing together this quick little FAQ that addresses the most common and persistent questions we tend to get at our showroom throughout the week. So, let's talk flooring, Santa Ana!

1. How Do I Calculate My Luxury Vinyl Tile Needs?

One of the most confusing parts about preparing for an LVT flooring installation is calculating the amount of material you will need for the job, while taking into account cutting waste. Don't worry! It's actually a lot simpler than it looks. Here's what you need to know.

Simply multiply the width of the floor by the length, to find your square footage. Then, add 5-10% to account for the waste we mentioned earlier. It should be noted that rooms with lots of fiddly corners, or features that will need to be cut around, will cause more cutting waste. If you plan to install flooring in such rooms, you might want to add a little more. In such cases, it might be best to ask your flooring dealer for their advice on your particular situation.

Then, all you need to do is find the square footage contained in each box of your chosen flooring, and divide your square footage required by the amount contained in each box. The number you are left with is the number of boxes you will need to purchase. Easy!

2. Is Acclimating Wood Flooring Really Necessary?

In short, yes, it is very important and here's why. Wood flooring, Santa Ana, is very susceptible to problems from changes in humidity and temperature. If you fail to acclimate your flooring before installation, you run a serious risk of having your floors warp, buckle, and spread, as they adjust to the climate of the room they are in. The time you save isn't worth the money you could lose on repairs.

Luckily, acclimating your flooring to its new environment is a snap. Just leave the materials in the room where they will be installed for a few days leading up to the installation to allow them time to adjust.

3. I Can Skip the Carpet Padding, Right?

Sure, you can skip the carpet padding, but you will probably regret it in the long run! Not only is your carpets padding responsible for most of the comfort provided by carpeting, which is the big reason we love carpet, it also acts as a protective cushion that drastically extends the service life of your carpet.

If you decide to skip the padding now, you will most likely take an overall loss, by having to replace your carpets much sooner than you would with a solid carpet padding, soaking the footfalls your carpet has to endure.

We're Sure You Have Questions of Your Own. We'd Love to Help!

Chances are, we didn't manage to cover your question in this little FAQ. If that's the case, and you are looking to ask your own questions about flooring in Santa Ana, why not call, email, or stop by our showroom in Santa Ana?

Our expert team of seasoned flooring veterans is always on hand to help you get all the facts you need to get the right floor for you and your budget.

So, get in touch today, and find out why Sharon & Sons is Santa Ana's most trusted name in flooring!