The noise-reducing benefits of area rugs

The noise-reducing benefits of area rugs

If you have a home with infant, child, or shift worker residents, noise reduction will be of prime importance. It's important to know that area rugs are just little carpets and have the same benefits as wall-to-wall.

That includes noise elimination. The fabric absorbs vibrations, so you're not bothered by footsteps, muffled conversations, or beeping devices.

Can an area rug be custom-made?

Yes. When it's stock, the rug comes in standard sizes and colors. Custom means you can get any shape, size, or design. So come into our custom rug department, and we'll make your vision come to life.

Layering:? a big trend

Layering adds texture, color and accent, and highlight. In addition, wood floor undertones are brought out.

Take note when you see the ?rugs for sale? sign

1.They protect hard surfaces in heavily foot-trafficked areas

2.They save money:? Don?t discard that pricey but worn rug--bring it to us; we'll cut around the holes, bind the edges, and you'll still have it?but in the form of an area rug.

3.They cushion hard falls

4.They are easy to clean; pick them up and shake

5.They can add the ?wow factor? to a neutral-colored rug. Alternatively, they can tone down an overly patterned or bright one.

6.You can create something unique with a custom rug:? a logo, message, mascot, etc.??

7.Living room rugs ground the furniture. Sometimes it looks like the pieces float, but proper placement will anchor the furniture.

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