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The surprising lifespan of hardwood flooring

If you choose hardwood flooring, you're going to enjoy a very long lifespan. Solid wood lasts the longest and offers exceptional benefits as long as it's in place.

Hardwood is a wise choice for flooring that serves you as long as you own your home. And it's a great idea to find out all you can about it.

The lifespan of solid hardwood

Solid wood floors are wood through and through and can easily last more than 100 years. Some historical buildings have floors that have already exceeded 200 years.

The best results come from flooring with professional installation and regular care. This includes refinishing when wear finally begins to show.

Engineered flooring lifespans

Engineered wood floors can last up to 30 years under the same installation and care as solid wood. They offer a layered construction, topped with a veneer of natural wood.

This is an excellent choice if you need flooring that holds up better under damp or humid conditions. And they can also go through the refinishing service with outstanding results.

Hardwood flooring installation

A professional installation protects your investment with the peace of mind you deserve. But each hardwood flooring installation must start with acclimation.

We will tell you everything you can expect from this service. And we're ready to get started when you are, so stop by today.

Find your hardwood flooring today

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