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What hardwood flooring species are native to California?

There are plenty of hardwood flooring options in California. But there is also plenty of hardwood species native to the area.

Knowing about your local sources can help you choose an excellent floor covering for your home. And here are some of the species you might see in your neighborhood.

Tanoak is a fantastic flooring addition

Tanoak is standard in Northern California, with hard and abrasion-resistant wood. It's a perfect choice for flooring, with various stains and patterned graining available.

The color leans toward reddish hues and gold tones, but it also accepts a stain. These wood floors will be a great addition to any room.

Madrone resembles maple wood

The beautiful fine graining you'll find in Madrone looks like maple. It's rare, dense, and offers an elegant appearance on your floors.
Great care is necessary to ensure a proper kiln is dry. For that reason, it isn't a widely available flooring product.

Claro Walnut for deep, rich colors

The Claro Walnut offers marbled features with rich, multi-color hues throughout the wood. Once finished and polished out, the deepness of the color shines through.

This hardwood flooring is easy to machine, so creating a great floor is easy. It's a very prized material to work within many circles.

We have your native California hardwood flooring species here

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