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What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

As you search for the perfect wood floors, you might begin to wonder about the difference between solid and engineered hardwood. There are some significant differences, and we're going to tell you more about them in today's post, so read along with us now to find out more about them and how they could cater to your home.

Which wood floors will serve you best?

Each hardwood flooring product offers specific features and benefits, and you might even combine the two in your home, especially if you have below-grade rooms. Here are some considerations for these materials and what you might expect from each.

Solid Hardwood

Solid wood through and through
Lifespans can reach 100 to 200 years with proper installation and care
Extremely durable
Offers extensive visual customization

Engineered Hardwood

Made with layers of perpendicularly laid plywood topped with a veneer of natural solid wood
Lifespans can reach 30 years or more
Durable, especially in damp, humid spaces where temperatures are apt to change
It also offers extensive visual customization

Solid and engineered hardwood can be refinished several times, helping to extend lifespans and keep your home beautiful. To see all the many hardwood flooring options and additional benefits for yourself, visit us whenever you?re in the area.

We offer the wood floors you need most

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