hardwood flooring installation

Who Says Great Flooring Has to Cost an Arm and a Leg?

It could well be one of the biggest, if not the biggest -investment you?ll make for your home. It?s also an expression of personal style.

We?re talking about the flooring in your home, whether it?s in Santa Ana, or elsewhere.

It?s always best, says Sharon & Sons, to go shopping armed with the most information possible. That includes knowing your style, your priorities, budget and lifestyle (for example, do you have kids or pets, or is it a lightly trafficked room?)

Since this is one of the biggest flooring companies in Santa Ana, it only makes sense to really pay attention and listen to them.
Some Cost-Saving Tips for Flooring, Santa Ana
?Do not skimp on certain flooring services like installation. These things are essential for the look of your floor; in fact, some say the installation is as important as the initial purchase.

You?ll want to be sure the sub-floor is prepared properly, is level, and that the right tools are used, so the floor doesn?t squeak, pull apart at the joists, looked frayed, have boards that move, ?climb the walls? or more.

?Look at the overall picture. This is especially the case with hardwood that, when, cared for properly it will last decades..

That means no replacement costs.

?Look at alternatives. You don?t have to put your desire for a wood floor on hold just because your budget says no. Thanks to technology, there are some remarkable wood-looks, textures and tile-like patterns, with laminate or luxury vinyl.

?Get creative. Love tile, but have a tight budget? Use a less expensive tile on the larger square footages, and add a few more expensive, highly designed ones as accent pieces. Or, get creative with colorful grout.

?Make sure you install the right thing in the right room. For example, a kitchen with leaky pipes, or for the bathroom, which is widely known as the wettest room of the house, needs waterproof flooring. However, if you insist on, say, hardwood which can be damaged by excess water, you won?t get the result for which you were hoping.

Likewise for carpet. If you install that same ultra-plush carpet, that looks so great in your bedroom, in your home office, you won?t be able to move around easily.

The point? Be sure to tell the pros in the Sharon & Sons Santa Ana showroom in what room you?re planning to install.