Will area rugs damage my hardwood floors?

Will area rugs damage my hardwood floors?

Area rugs won't harm your hardwood floors if you use the right pad cushion underneath. These little rugs protect the floors from heavy foot traffic and other wear.

A deeper dive into the padding

Even though they're smaller than broadloom, you still need to use padding. Remember, area rugs have the same characteristics as any carpet. The only difference is size.

Good padding:

  1. It makes it more comfortable to walk or stand.?
  2. Keep it from moving around, both an aesthetic and safety issue.
  3. It keeps the backing from scratching the wood floor. Especially important when you use living room rugs.

Enhancing the beauty of wood

An area rug can accent and highlight a wood floor when coordinated with other furnishings. The right color can complement the hardwood's undertone and turn your floor into a work of art.??

They also add some texture and reduce noise. But, unfortunately, there's nothing to absorb the vibrations in an all-wood room, so they bounce around and echo.

A little rug will add a soft surface to do just that.

Stock vs. custom rugs

Stock rugs come in standard colors, sizes, and shapes. Unfortunately, your room may not accommodate the rug you fell in love with.

A "rugs for sale" sign can also mean custom rugs are available. Rooms aren't perfect squares. There are door sills and baseboards with which to contend.??

Buy the rug anyway and take it to our custom rug department. Or design something entirely from scratch; it's a great way to include a logo or special message.

Whatever it is, take it to us, and we'll turn your vision into reality.

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